Gujranwala, Pakistan | Retail | Project ID: 383

Living in the slum area of Gujranwala, Najima is struggling hard to bear all the expenses for her seven children. Usually women are not allowed to earn like men and hence their talents were wasted. But nowadays, they have built a status to work hard and earn money for her family.  This had encouraged women to show their talents which will not only benefit her individually but to the whole world at large. It is never too easy for a woman to take an initiative to start her own business but Najima has proved to be one of those.

Seed Out has been a great support for throughout. With the help from one of you, Najima was able to bear all the expenditures of her two daughter’s wedding and now they are living happily. Therefore, she needs some amount of money so she can take of her other children.

She has a small garment business at home, through which she sells out garments and earn some amount of money on daily basis. She would just need a little amount of money so she can expand her own business and earn at large scale. Due to less income from her business, she is unable to bear the expenditures. Would you help a woman who lives with a passion to work hard and be independent?