Auto Rickshaw

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 192

Amir Sohail, a 35 year old man, father of two lived with his family in a slum of Gujranwala. He was very distressed when he contacted Seed Out, asking for a loan to start his own business.

He used to work as a factory worker but unfortunately, the factory remained closed most of the time due to shortage of energy. His income through the factory was very unreliable. Hence he rented a rickshaw as an alternative source of earning. But as his children were growing, so were their needs. The money was never enough, Amir and his family continued to drift into poverty. The expenses kept increasing and the family couldn’t even afford to pay the rent of the house. Times were so hard that he Amir had trouble providing education to his children. 

He expressed his desire to start his own auto rickshaw business in order to support his family. He wanted to provide proper education to his children but he needed to get out of poverty for that. Seed Out promised to help and due to your lavish donations, we were able to fulfill that promise.

We raised enough money to get Amir Sohail his own rickshaw, and now he is capable enough to rise above his poverty. With your help, we can eliminate poverty by empowering people just like Amir Sohail.