Auto Rickshaw

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 189

Muhammad Yaseen Butt is a married man, blessed with seven children with the age of 46. He is living in a small house in Gujranwala, Pakistan. He is a sole bread earner of a huge family. Currently working in a factory on daily wages. His monthly income is definitely lacking to meet his family outgoings.

His four children are school going and family is living a despondent life with deprivation and scarceness. Children can only make wish cannot get. A woeful situation of life with seven children made Muhammad yaseen anxious and down.  Now he wants to start his own auto rickshaw business. He requested Seed out for an interest free loan of $1768.

With your munificent donation Yaseen Butt will be able to start his own business and will be able to generate a handsome income for his family.