Auto Rickshaw

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 187

Muhammad Ijaz is a married man with a son. He is 29 years old, living with his family in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

He lives in a rented house and drives a rented Auto Rickshaw around the town as a source of income. He is bound to pay half of his income to the owner of the rickshaw. The remaining profits are inadequate for him and his family and are not enough to meet his basic expenses.

There are times Ijaz is unable to put food on the table. If things stay the same, Ijaz will be incapable of putting his son in a school. He is a hardworking man and is ready to start his own business with the help of Seed Out. He requires an interest free loan of $1768 to start an Auto Richshaw business to improve his financial conditions.

With your donation, Ijaz will be able to support his family and fulfill their needs.