When a canidate enters Seed Out, an in-depth verification process take place to ensure that tha canidate meets the required criteria of reliability.

The 7 stage s for evalution are as follow:

1 Desk Officer

Collects basic information and details of the candidate through filling out forms.

2 Credit officer

A background check is done by visiting the candidates’ home, interviewing their family members as well as their neighbors etc. Pictures of their living conditions are taken and their GPS location is marked.

3 Social Mobiliser

Verifies the information collected by credit officers by visiting the candidates personally and having conversations with them to check their potency.

4 Credit Manager

Verifies financial documents of the candidate.

5 Accounts manager

Verifies relevance of his entrepreneurial idea and is responsible for number crunching. He assesses whether the idea is viable and then makes sure that all legal requirements are covered.

6 Content writer

Publishes the candidate’s story.

7 Operations head

Verifies the entire process all over again.