What is Seed Out?

Seed Out is a registered charity organization meant for reducing suffering of our poor people by raising them as micro entrepreneurs (interest free) and using its online crowd funding platform for connecting donors to poor.

What is online crowd funding?

Seed out works through an online crowd funding program, which enable an individual to pool in the amount by browsing the official website. There are different categories to pay your donation in terms of Sadqah, Zakat or Charity purpose through online payment method

When Seed Out was established?

It was established in 2013 by a dedicated young entrepreneur with the sole purpose to help, develop (through capacity building) and evolve the vulnerable as the self-reliant and potent human resource.

How is Seed Out different from any other charitable organization?

Seed Out helps poor people so they don't turn themselves into beggars and recover the loan which is 100% Interest Free. In addition to that, Seed Out focuses on the capacity building for these people as well.

What are the outcome Benefits after the money is donated successfully to the deserving?

First of all, after running a successful business of a poor individual, there is an increase in household Income, Reduction in child labor ( By sending children to schools ), Reduction in contagious diseases ( We make sure that Beneficiaries have maintained the hygiene environment) and Gender Empowerment ( priority is to support Women, disable or Trans genders).

How can I be assured that my donation is used for the right cause?

Once the project is funded we will intimate you with details. You can log into the official website of Seed Out, to see the details of deserving families.

How many families did Seed Out has helped so far?

Seed Out has raised 256 Entrepreneurs, including 786 children, who have started going to school rather than earning money through labor at such young age.

Does Seed Out support other Gender than males?

Seed Out prioritize women (widows, Divorced) and handicapped as well as orphans. Once the priority is done then we see men and other women who are also under the cadre of Zakat receiving and deserving.

Donation is used in what kind of Projects for raising an Entrepreneur?

Seed Out help people by giving developed business or expansion of their business so they can earn to make a good living. Moreover, our recent projects are General Stores, Stitching Center, Garment Enterprise, Food Cart, Crockery Business and Auto-Rickshaws.

Seed Out is working in what areas particularly?

Just for now, we are working in the areas of Lahore & Gujranwala particularly. Moreover, we are looking forward to expand our projects around the globe in future.