A loan of $180 helped to expand a general store.
Apart from the fact that the married Shazadi Bibi lives in a slum in Lahore, Pakistan, she is also a mother of five. To be more specific, Shahzadi and her family reside in Baggrian, the slum, which also happens to be a very remote area. Due to the financial strain Shahzadi and her husband go through, among similar others, they are forced to live in a rented house together with their children. In an effort to make ends meet, Shahzadi has rented a small shop where she runs a small general store regardless of the financial problems she faces day in day out. Her husband also tries to help out with the family through his daily wages job as a tractor driver. Fighting tooth and nail to shun their difficult lifestyle in the slum, Shahzadi is planning to expand her small general store by getting an interest free loan from Seed Out. Seed Out has heard her cry and is providing her with all they have at their disposal at the moment. To make all this possible for Shahzidi and her family, your kind hearted support in donations will help this family have a chance at a better life.
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$ 7.20
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Jan 16,2016