A loan of PKR 195,000 helped buy an auto-rickshaw.
Borrower story
A 52 years old man Muhammad Arif is a noble citizen of Faisalabad. He lives with his small family that contains one daughter and one wife. From last 30 years, he is engaged in rickshaw driving and that is also a source of his earning. However, his family is small but his earnings are also limited because he does not have his own rickshaw. So after the struggle of 12 to 18 hours a day he earns just a few rupees after the deduction of rent of rickshaw. He wants to educate his daughter but the daily multiplying expenses make his financial condition despondent. He tries to save out of his low income to buy his own rickshaw but he feels helpless to do so. As sometimes he has to take financial aid from his family, friends, and neighbors. So in this scenario saving is a hard nut to crack for him. On the other hand, his old age does not allow him to work hard but instead of his this fact he is very much encouraged to provide the better living standard to his family. Now he requests from seedout to provide him financial help to purchase his own auto rickshaw.
PKR 262,742

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PKR 3,095,000

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PKR 5000.00
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