Need PKR 80,000 to purchase the motorcycle loader cart.
Borrower story
In this time of severe inflation better living standard is just an imagination for the poor people and middle-class families. Muhammad Asim is a 38 years old married man who is living a difficult life with his family in semi Urban locality of Lahore, the city of live hearted peoples. He is really needy as he earns bread and butter from by selling vegetable on his pushcart. After the severe hard work of the whole day, he earns little profit. His family is consists of two daughters, two sons, and his wife. Life is a complete challenge for him and his bantam income is unable to cater his obligations. Now he wishes to expand his business by purchasing a motorcycle cart in this way in a short time and with little efforts he would be able to sell more and earn more. The biggest peril in purchasing motorcycle cart is the unavailability of the required amount. It is a hard nut to crack for him to make any saving from his profit. To accomplish his purpose he seeks financial help from seedout. So if you help him in purchasing motorcycle cart he would be able to promote his business and in this way his earnings also increase.
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PKR 262,742

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PKR 18,920,670

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Loan Length 27Months
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Installment per month:
PKR 3000.00
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