Muhammad Yousaf has started his business.
Borrower story
In the city of Faisalabad a 23 years old young man lives whose name is Muhammad yousaf. He is a single man who lives with his old parents. The source of income of Muhammad yousaf is ching rickshaw driving. His day starts from hard work of driving and after efforts of a full day, that means 14-16 hours he would be able to earn too few amounts that are hardly sufficient to pay the expenses of his house. Although the rent of ching chi rickshaw is also deducted from his little income and he is left with few hundred. He many time start saving but it is a very difficult task because the amount of new ching chi rickshaw is too high and his savings are just a few rupees. He uses his saving mostly for the medical expenses of his old parents and in this way, he is left with nothing. However, he is a young, encouraged and hardworking but lack of resources is the biggest peril in his way of success. After the huge research, he now finds Seedout for his financial assistance. Your little contribution would motivate him to work hard and bring a better future for himself as well as for his family.
PKR 262,742

Average annual income

PKR 2,230,000

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Loan Length 24Months
Repayment schedule:
Installment per month:
PKR 4000.00
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