A loan of PKR 60,000 helped to start a general store.
Muhammad Adnan is an enthusiastic and diligent entrepreneur from Faislabad. He is young and educated till matric. Together with his father who is a painter Adnan contributes in the family earnings. He has two sisters and a brother. Adnans wish to study further remained a wish as his father could no longer bear his expenes. So Adnan geared up for odd jobs to help his father. .In all this time Adnan has remained focued and positive to achieve something more productive and continue his studies on his own.  Adnan is thinking to start a new general store with some meager savings he has managed to keep and some loan amount from Seedout. He is sure that he will make the most out of this investment and change the course of his life for good.  He says that though time are challenging for them financially at the moment, it will all change once his business paces up. Your donations can help Adnan achieve his dreams.
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PKR 271,500

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PKR 11,048,500

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Loan Length 24Months
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PKR 2500.00
Disbursed date:
Jun 12,2018