Ashiq Hussain has started his business.
Aashiq Hussain is a single parent of three daughters and a son. After losing his wife his responsibilities have doubled. He operates a small general store in Gujranwala which serves as the only source of income for his family. His poor financial circumstances did allo him to educate his children and he had to marry his elder daughter early since his could not bear so many expenses. His other children, to daughters stay at home and he sends his son to learns the art of making shoes. His situation is bleak and he needs instant support to change his situation. Seedout is helping him with a loan to buy shelves and expand the inventory at his store. He hopes that his profits will improve with this investment and he woould be able to send his daughter to some technical institute to learn some skills. He also believes it’s important to teach her children how to run a business – a skill they will likely need in the future. Your support is important and worth spending on this person who is the sole person to provide fr his children.
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PKR 365,165

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PKR 63,465,100

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Loan Length 24Months
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PKR 2100.00
Disbursed date:
Jun 13,2018