A amount of PKR 191,890 funded the Bachelor's degree of a financially challenged student.

My name is Laiba Suleman and I am a hardworking student from Gujranwala, Pakistan. I am writing this application to seek financial assistance from Seedout, an online crowdfunding website, in order to pursue my dream of getting an admission in The Learning Hub College.

I was born and raised in a small village in Gujranwala. My parents are separated and my father does not vouch for me or my sister anymore, he hasn't helped us with money for the past 6 years. My mother is a lungs disease patient and her medicine costs a lot. We live with my uncle who has his own family to feed but regardless, helps us as much as he can. But it isn't enough to pay for my tuition fees for further studies.

I want to complete my education to get a good job so one day I can support my own self and my mother, so we won't have to look at others for any help. I am confident that with the right education and guidance, I can make a good career for myself and help my family and community. I am seeking a donation of Rs. 100,000 to cover my college fees. I am confident that with the help of Seedout, I can make my dream of getting an admission in The Learning Hub College come true.

I am thankful for your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon. My future depends on this, Help now!

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