A loan of PKR 100,000 helped to expand his stock for pampers for sale and become a successful salesperson.
Muhammad Faisal, 24, lives in a rented house in Lahore with his mother and two sisters. He is a salesman of baby products such as pampers and wipes, as well as adult diapers, which he sells from his little store, Pampers House. He has been selling these products from this store in his local community for over a year. However, his experience in retail is vast, and he previously owned a store in a shopping mall, Pace Shopping Mall, for nearly six years. However, over half of this amount is used to pay off domestic monthly expenses, and a considerable portion of it is plugged into his business overheads, Muhammad finds his business in a difficult position after all these deductions. Muhammad wishes to expand the operations of his pampers store, possibly to enter a larger market, but without the capital to invest in his business, he has to continue cutting corners with regards to both his business and his family's needs. Muhammad requires an economic investment in the form of a loan from generous donors, and a crowd fund in his name could be just the thing for his business.
It will enable a pamper's salesman to expand his business operations and enter a larger market. 
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PKR 365,165

Average annual income

PKR 41,933,370

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Loan Length 25Months
Repayment schedule:
Installment per month:
PKR 4000.00
Disbursed date:
Apr 12,2018