A loan of $216 helped to expand a catering business.
Muhammad Riaz is a single parent of three children. nfortunatley he lost his wife a few years back and single handedly looks after all the household matters. He is into catering business where he supplies tent, utensils and food items depending of the demand of the customers or type of occasion. Profits depend on the number of orders he receives each month. But due to limited number of items he cannot take bigger orders and is left with no option but to take smller orer with little profits. He has two grown up children at home whom he has to marry and set up a small business for his unemployed son. He has already started to fell old with all this problems. Unable to get financing from elsewhere he is getting anxious day by day.  To help change his circumstances Seedout out is lending a helping hand towards Muhammad Riaz so that he can enhance his business by purchasing more supplies. Your gracious support can help this man of 59 years to retire with ease and live a tension free life. 
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$ 9.00
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Jun 13,2018