A loan of PKR 60,000 helped to expand a general store.
Muhammad Nadeem Shuja lives in a house with 3 rooms, and has 4 children, a wife, and an aged mother to take care of. At the moment, he is unable to fulfill their daily expenses and at his age, is really having a hard time. He runs a small general store right now but wants to expand it so that he can earn more and fulfill his daily expenses. This story is rather common in Pakistan as many people are found struggling to feed themselves and their family. He needs PKR 60,000 to buy more inventory for his shop and perhaps raise his family to the status of being "okay" rather than in need of help.
Muhammad Nadeem Shuja is a progressive man who sends his daughters and sons to school. In hard times, not all people in Pakistan do that or have the awareness to take such steps. If he is empowered, he is likely to make a difference and that means one more household with smiles and a better lifestyle. What more can we ask for?
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Jun 13,2018