A loan of PKR 50,000 helped Muhammad Saleem to expand his garments sale by adding more stock.
Muhammad Saleem is a 54-year old owner of a small-scale garments business in Lahore, Pakistan. He is presently married with three children, and lives in a rented house. His clothing business, although popular in his locality, struggles to attract a broader customer base. He identifies a lack of capital as one of the reasons for his reluctance to venture into larger markets, there is very little left for Saleem to invest in his business, even if he believes his product is of sufficient quality to compete in such markets. Living in poverty, Saleem doesn't have the confidence to take big risks or cut curners with his finances, especially considering he has a family to support. Therefore, Saleem requires a little social investment from the public, in the form of a loan of PKR 50,000 to enable him to get his foot in the door of a larger market for his business. A little charity goes a long way, and a crowd fund could be just the form of charity he requires. 
It will help a struggling garments business to flourish in local markets and expand to larger ones. 
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PKR 2000.00
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Feb 05,2018