A loan of PKR 250,000 helps to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

Poverty is the worst form of violence and yet we let it happen to the millions around us. SEED OUT is on a mission to empower families living in immense poverty. We plan to do so by inviting the world to join hands and help the less fortunate create a sustainable source of income of themselves. Mr Ali here is a young lad aged 21 years only but with work experience as long as his lifetime. He has 11 mouths to feed and is doing so with the help of his other siblings. However, they are barely able to make the ends meet. He currently owns a donkey cart through which he works as a loader, but the rising inflation now makes it impossible for this family to survive with the current resources. Mr Ali believes that if he is granted enough funding to buy a loader vehicle he would be able to earn better and hence arrange better food to bring to the table. Some people don't work for their dreams, they work for survival. Your donation matters the most to this family. Donate now!

Feeds a family of 11 members.
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