A loan of PKR 100,000 helped an impoverished woman to expand her bangles business.

Ms. Naseem, a resilient 51-year-old single parent, has been running her bangles business for the past 20 years. Despite facing tremendous hardships, she has been determined to provide for her two adult children. However, due to financial constraints, her children were unable to receive an education, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. With your generous donations, Ms Naseem aims to expand her bangles business, paving the way for a better future for her family.

Your support can make a significant difference in Ms Naseem's life. By expanding her business, she will be able to increase her customer base and generate a higher income. This additional revenue will not only help her meet the basic needs of her family but also provide her children with the opportunity to live, breaking free from the chains of poverty.

Your contributions, no matter how small, can transform the lives of Ms. Naseem and her children. By investing in the expansion of her bangles business, you are empowering her to create a sustainable livelihood and secure a brighter future for her family.

Join us in supporting Ms. Naseem's journey towards self-sufficiency. Your donations will enable her to purchase raw materials, invest in marketing, and reach a wider audience. By doing so, you are not only helping her grow her business but also fostering independence and empowerment.

Your generosity can be the catalyst for change in Ms. Naseem's life. With your support, she can break free from the shackles of poverty, provide her children with an education, and build a foundation for a better tomorrow.

Donate today and be a part of Ms. Naseem's transformative journey. Your contribution will not only uplift her bangles business but also empower her to shape a brighter future for her family. Together, we can create opportunities and inspire hope for a better life. Help Now!

Empowers a struggling mother to secure the future of her children.
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