A loan of PKR 70,000 helps to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

How does it feel to own a children's heaven but be unable to afford it for your own kids? Poverty is the worst form of injustice that can be done to a fellow human. Poverty anywhere, is truly, a threat to humanity everywhere. Hence, SEED OUT is ambitious to fight off this curse with full vigour. However, we would definitely need your help in order to achieve it. Mr Mahmood is a 51 years old father to six. He has been striving hard in order to provide the best sustenance for his family. He first served as a tailor for around 10 years after which he shifted on to owning a small sweets shop. Through this venture, he was able to afford the education of 3 of his 6 children. However, the guilt of now providing them with equal opportunity haunts him. Unfortunately, after the COVID-19 and the following economic crisis, his business was destroyed and hence he now lays hopeless. SEED OUT wants you to revive hope for this father and make him capable to continue to provide for his family. Your donation would mean survival for this family. Help immediately or we are afraid that we will lose this family to poverty. Donate now!

Empowers a father to feed and educate his 6 children.
PKR 452,500

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PKR 4000.00
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