A loan of PKR 100,000 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.
Life is not the same for each one of us. Some are chasing dreams whereas some are struggling for the basic necessities. Mr. Adnan is a 33 years old man who is the only supporter and working man in the family. three people are completely dependent on him including his mother, brother, and his wife. SEED OUT is here with the aim to help and uplift the people who are striving for the basic necessities of life. Only the breadwinner of the family understands the amount of sacrifice each and every bite of the bread costs. Mr. Adnan has been running a shoe shop for 10 years and had been earning enough to support his family. Unfortunately, the curse inflicted upon us in the form of COVID-19 and its respective restrictions and in turn the extreme rise in inflation has given a big blow to his business. He has reached out to SEED OUT for suitable help and support in overcoming these crises. After keen observation and proper research, we have brought upfront this authentic case and hence you should help this man steer his business out of this financial instability. Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive. Donate now! 
empowers a man to support his family.
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Nov 30,2022