A loan of PKR 150,000 helped to provide investment to an individual for a start-up.
Life may strike some of us at a very young age but only a few manage to create the best out of it. This man Mr.Shafique is a widower and has been the sole earner of his family, shouldering the responsibility of his mother-in-law and 3 children. He used to work at a grocery store for 10 years. However, due to the rising expenses and political instability of our country, he wants to start his own grocery store to fulfill the needs of his family. He reached out to SEED OUT for help. he needs your financial aid to create a bright future for his children.  The best charity is the one that empowers the receiver. Help this father fight poverty! Donate now!
empowering a father.
PKR 365,165

Average annual income

PKR 15,768,500

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PKR 6500.00
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Dec 22,2022