A loan of PKR 120,000 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business startup.

If life was always fulfilling and kind what reason would we have to be grateful? However, another form of gratitude is helping others achieve what we get to enjoy. SEED OUT has the sole ambition of searching for families living under miserable living conditions and hence, bringing their stories out to the world in order to help uplift them. Some people live under such miserable conditions that the only form God appears to them is through bread and safety. Mr. Waseem is a 19-year-old young lad who is willing to do anything to provide the best for his family. He looks after his parents and his sister. Mr. Waseem has been shackled by responsibilities at a very young age. He has been working day and night at a grocery store to alter his circumstances and hence create a better tomorrow for his family. The rising inflation has made him decide that he will no longer be able to earn enough from this job so he needs to start a business of his own. He reached out to SEED OUT for help, he needs your financial aid to set up his own grocery store. Help this young boy to change his future, and help this family to fight this poverty! donate now!

empowers a young boy to feed his family.
PKR 452,500

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PKR 5000.00
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Oct 21,2022