Azra Bibi has started his business.
Azra Bibi, 47, is a devoted mother and a driven and resolute woman running a general store from her home in Gujranwala. She lives jointly with two other families in the slums. She has six sons and a daughter. Two of her sons are married.  Azra had no education and no means to support her big family. Her bleak and vulnerable economic condition made her family ammeable, so much so that she wanted to change to course of her family's life. She started embroidery to earn some income but she was not paid well and all the efforts she made went in vain. She then started a grocery store that she operates from her house. It has been two years and she was able to breakeven. In order to become sustainable she needs to inject some capital in her business. She has therefore applied for a loan from Seedout to purchase more stock. She is hopeful that her investment will be fruitful.  Your funds can help her become financially stable and make her life better and comfortable.
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$ 7.56
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Dec 07,2017