A loan of $288 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.

What is life for the poor, but a series of unfortunate events guided by uncertainty? Poverty is a life sentence for the less fortunate for the luxury of the corrupt. SEED OUT is here in Pakistan with the mission to raise funds, not for the sake of mere charity but to empower individuals who due to lack of resources have been bestowed with the curse of generational poverty. We search for progressive people and support their business initiative by generating funds through our society. Join our cause and help this family become self-sufficient. Mr. Numan is a 28-year-old young lad who supports his parents and his brother. He has been running a grocery store for the past 10 years and was earning enough to fulfill the needs of his family. Unfortunately, the abrupt rise in inflation has given a big blow to his business. He reached out to SEED OUT for help. The best of charity is the one that empowers. So, what's stopping you from helping this man? Donate right now!

empowers a man to feed his family.
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Nov 24,2022