A loan of PKR 100,000 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.
A man gets weak by the hardships of life and not by age. Everyday SEED OUT comes across families that are living in slums, without no access to clean water, nutritious food, medical facilities or education. It is as if they don't even exist for the world of the fortunate. Mr Ansar is a 48 years old man who spent his whole life struggling to carve a different future for his only son. He has worked sweat and blood just to provide the bare minimum life necessities for his family. After spending 20 years serving as a labourer he decided to create something of his own. In this struggle, he initiated a small shoe shop that is now 3 years old. This setup proved to be great for him as he was able to educate his son in a government school. Little did he know that the arrival of COVID-19 and the following economic crisis is going to rip away the unstable shelter he created for himself and his family. Now he has lost all hope, but SEED OUT never gives up on any human. We want you to take charge of this family and hence end their misery. Your donation is not mere charity but a business investment to make this family self-sufficient. Save world one family at a time, donate now!
Empowers a father to feed and educate his only son.
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Feb 02,2023