A loan of PKR 70,000 helped to provide investment to an individual for a business expansion.
Mr Asad is a 33-year-old man who has to bear the load of infinite responsibilities from a very young age. He has always been ambitious to change his circumstances and hence lift the generational curse of poverty once and for all from his family's shoulders. However, in struggling to do so, it seems like he has sacrificed his entire life. This father of three wants his two daughters and son to get proper education so that they may be able to create means for their future. Unfortunately, the current financial conditions seem to be unfavourable for his dreams of getting his children educated. Hence, he has only had his eldest son admitted to a suitable school but it is his dire desire to get his daughters educated as well. Using his good communication skills and public dealing he has been a successful salesman for the past 3 years and owns a Tikki toffee shop through which he earns a living. However, the rising inflation and the endless political rift in Pakistan make it impossible for his business to be stable and survive. He now needs you to help him recover from this financial dip. The charity that empowers is God's work. Donate now!
Empowers a family to become self-sufficient
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Nov 30,2022