A loan of PKR 70,000 helps to provide investment to an individual for a business startup.

This 35-year-old alpha male is the only hope for his family. Mr. Naveed Ahmed has been running a grocery store of his own for the past 8 years and has been successful in giving his children a decent living. Mr. Naveed knows that the only way to break this generational curse of poverty is to educate the next generation and hence give them opportunities to pave a brighter future for themselves. He had been determined to deliver his promises and was striving hard to achieve them but unfortunately, the rising inflation struck him hard. He now needs the help of his society to uplift him from these crises and hence, steer his business out of this financial dip. As the saying goes that never worry about numbers in charity and help one person at a time. So, SEED OUT provides your the opportunity to help this lad carry on with his life with your aid. Donate now!

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