A contribution of $216 helped Nadeem Iqbal to buy more products for his General Store.
Nadeem is a 40 year old married man with 3 children and 2 other family members dependent on him. 2 of his children go to school. He runs a small general store in the rural area of Gujranwala. The income he receives from the store isn’t enough to cater everyone’s needs. Along with educational expenses of his children, feeding 6 mouths isn’t easy for a single person with a small store to run in a locality stricken with poverty. Nadeem, in his misery, decided to contact Seed Out. Nadeem hopes to expand his store through a funding of $216. He plans on increasing the amount and variety of stock available at the store currently. So go ahead and donate to help Nadeem secure the future of his family.
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Aug 16,2016