A loan of $108 helped to expand a Stitching Center.


Nusrat Parveen is the resident of Gujranwala. By age she is 43 and is the only bread earner of the family. She belongs to a very poor economic background and has to bear all the financial burdens of the family by herself, as she has lost her husband years back. The sad demise of her husband didn’t stop her from assuming her responsibilities towards her children. Regardless of the fact that the death of her husband was a huge downfall for her but she mustered up all her strengths and started a cloths stitching center which she has been running for 30 years now, using a very basic sewing machine, with very limited functions. As of now, Nusrat wants to buy a new sewing machine with enhanced functioning and modern technology, using which we wants to boost her efficiency and quality of work. But she couldn’t do that on her own as she didn’t have any savings. So with the purpose of buying the said machine she has applied for Seed Out’s interest free loan. Help this courageous lady with the much needed money. Extend your helping hand graciously.


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$ 5.40
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Jul 09,2021