A loan of $216 helped to start a business of coconut cart.
It is said that charity benefits the giver more than the receiver. The satisfaction after helping someone in need is priceless. Here at Seed Out, we allow you to experience the joy of giving and making lives better. Just like many others, Muhammad Razaq is waiting for your help. He is a 39 year old married man, living in miserable conditions. He is a father to 5 children and his family lives in a small house in a slum of Gujranwala. Currently, he works with silver metal. His job is too tough for him and it doesn’t pay him well either. Due his low income, Razaq’s wife is forced to work too. The couple works tirelessly throughout the month but their earnings are not even enough to provide proper food to their children. Razaq wants to quit his job and start his own business. Despite these dark, unfavorable times, he is still hopeful. He wants to start his own coconut shop and believes that he can increase his income with his new business. He requires your help to take this step. It’ll cost only $216 to start the shop. Your small donation can prove to be a huge help for Razaq and his family.

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$ 9.00
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Jul 16,2016