A loan of $216 helped to expand a general store.

Muhammad Saif Ullah, a 26 – years old, married man. He got birth in a very poor household. He even has to bid goodbye to his education on primary level, as the circumstances were not supporting. Ever since the day he quitted his education he always has dreamt of completing that, but unfortunately couldn’t. The very day when he became the father of his first child he committed to himself that he would not let his child face the same fate as he did. And now when he has become the father to three children he wants for all of them to acquire quality education. But as he is running a small general store which yields very little income it almost seems impossible for him to live up to his dream. But he is not at all ready to surrender, instead, he is willing to turn the situation in his favor by paying any cost. Aiming to that he wants to expand his general store business, for which he needs loan. He with very hope has applied for Seed Out’s Interest Free Loan. Donation for Saif would not only be a mere donation, rather it would be equivalent to contribute in the noble cause. Donate generously!


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$ 9.00
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Aug 06,2021