A loan of PKR 60,000 helped establish a grocery store.
Umer Daraz from Bahawalnagar is a highly deserving 24-year-old boy from Bahawalnagar. Umer and his younger brother work to support their old parents and two sisters, one of whom is divorced and the other still studying. For the last 5 years, Umer runs a small milk and tea shop from his home from which he earns a monthly income of around Rs. 15,000. His younger brother works at a local hotel from where he earns around Rs. 7000 per month. Of course, it is extremely difficult for the family of 6 to survive within a combined income of Rs. 22,000. They are unable to meet even the most basic needs and are living in extremely difficult circumstances which adds a great deal of stress. Umer is desperate to strengthen his means of livelihood in order to alleviate the extreme poverty that his family is living in. He wishes to establish a grocery store and keep selling milk and tea side by side. To establish the store, he has requested a loan of PKR 60,000 from Seed Out. He will buy all the essential grocery store items and if his sales are good, he will look forward to further expanding his store. The amount that he requires to bail his family out of poverty is a small amount for us. Our donation will change the fate of this family! Please donate to Umer Daraz and let's play our part in helping this young man secure his future!
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PKR 2500.00
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Jan 22,2021