A loan of PKR 70,000 helped expand a grocery store.
Muhammad Sabir is a very honest man and upright person and is greatly liked by his neighbors and community. Sabir has one daughter whom he loves a lot. She goes to a private school and studies in class 4th. For the last 10 years, Sabir has been running a grocery store. He was doing fine but unfortunately, he suffered a great loss due to COVID19. People brought groceries from him on credit but did not return the amount, citing financial concerns. Resultantly, he could not invest in his store and his inventory started falling. Now, Muhammad Sabir does not have the money to invest in more inventory and is quite worried, as this is his only livelihood. He has approached Seed Out for a loan of PKR 70,000. The loan will help him revive and expand his store and thus attract more customers. He is highly hoping to get help and see better days. Let's live up to the hopes of this deserving man as a small amount for us means everything to him. Please donate to Muhammad Sabir. 
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PKR 3000.00
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Jan 21,2021