A loan of $216 helped to expand a general store.
There’s a persistent myth that people living in poverty don’t want to work, that they don’t dream to progress for more, and that their lives are to be pitied. But anyone from these communities, or anyone able to take time to travel and connect, know nothing could be further from the truth. The wealthy don’t have more feelings of bliss and pride. They don’t have sole claim to being innovative or imaginative. People everywhere share these traits, and people everywhere want an opportunity to make a decent living and accomplish their dreams. Iftikhar Ahmed faces a similar situation. Now in his 40s, he could only finish his education till middle. Iftikhar had struggled for 10 years working as a labor, when the idea to open a general store hit him. Now married and a family of 3 to look after, he can barely afford his business and household expenses. After nine years of scraping by with his general store business, he wants to borrow $216 from Seedout. The money will help him refurbish his store and buy more variety of products. He expects the output to shot up and his profits increase double fold. He wants to use the money to buy more nutritious food for his family and pay for his sons’ schooling.
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$ 7.56
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Dec 22,2016