A loan of $586 helped Rana to buy an auto-rickshaw.
Rana Jamshaid Ali, a resident of Lahore is a respected rickshaw driver known for his hardwork and care for his family. He is 54 and married. He is blessed with a daughter whom he married a few years back. Though things may appear easy for Rana with a small family but his mother’s struggle with a dreadful illness which made him even sell some of his assets to provide treatment and medicines for his ailing mother. A rickshaw driver by profession, he drives a rented rickshaw from the past 15 years. He leaves early for work and comes back exhausted at night. This financial crisis has instigated him to buy his own rickshaw to save the rental and start building his life all over again. He is seeking this opportunity through seedout for improving his living standards.
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$ 18.00
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Feb 22,2017