A loan of PKR 70,000 helped expand a grocery store.
27-year-old Kamran Faisal is a deserving applicant from Gujranwala. For 15 years, Kamran worked used to do the work of fitting floor tiles but this earned him a very lowly income. 4 months ago Kamran decided to finally open his own business, and thus he started a small grocery store. Unfortunately, due to less investment, he is not able to earn much. Kamran has 4 children; 2 daughters and 2 sons. His children are in class 4th, 3rd and nursery whereas the youngest, Taqdees, is only a year old. They have their whole lives ahead of them.  Kamran's old parents also live with him. Unfortunately, Kamran is unable to fulfill the needs of his wife and children on his own. Kamran's father financially supports him and pays for the school fees of his children and with some other expenses. Of course, Kamran does not like being a burden on his father in his old age and thus is desperate to earn more. He has approached Seed Out for a loan of PKR 70,000 to expand his grocery store.  With this loan, he will invest in greater stock which is sure to increase his sales. This will be a major relief for Kamran Rana as he will have enough income to take care of his family's expenses himself. In fact, he is already hopeful he will be able to start saving for emergencies. Let’s donate to Kamran so the future is optimistic for cheerful and bright for his very young children. 
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PKR 3000.00
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Jan 14,2021