A loan of PKR 162,700 helped Muhammad Shafique to buy Auto Rickshaw
Muhammad shafiq is a relentlessly hardworking youth of 22 and lives with his family in Lahore. Despite his tender age, Shafiq understands the numerous difficulties his parents faced whilst coping with the ever increasing household expenses. With no proper educational qualification, getting work is not easy these days Thinking to change this way of living he wants to bring additional income home by buying a rickshaw which he intends to drive part time. He currently working in a factory which falls short to cover their expenditures. Their living expenses are very high. This family comprises of his mother, father and sister. Having no access to normal banking he is getting support from Seedout to buy a rickshaw worth PKR 162,700 and your support can help him change the destiny of his family.
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PKR 452,500

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PKR 5000.00
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Feb 22,2017