Arooj Fatima has started his business.
Living a society where daughters are considered a burden is not easy. Arooj a 32 years old beautician has a similar story. She is a mother of three daughters and lives in a small accommodation in the slums of Lahore. Though the world is progressing, our society still has stereotypes that discriminate between a girl and a boy. Arooj's split with her husband a few years back brought Arooj to the brink of poverty. With no support but her strong willpower, she started a beauty salon in her house. Gradually she managed to increase her clientele and inducted her children into school. Thanks to her hard work, her income helps her bring food, provide shelter and educate her daughter. She is wise and wants to be proactive. She has applied for a loan from Seedout to enhance her business by adding more items and change the look of her salon. She wants to save the money to build a house and save some money for her daughters' education.  Help this single mother be an inspiration for other ladies and give her motivation to strive and build a better future for her daughters

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$ 10.80
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Feb 22,2017