A loan of $846 helped buy an auto-rickshaw.

Muhammad Aqeel has 3 adorable daughters - Saira, Javeria and Umaima. The eldest, Saira, is in class 6th whereas the youngest, Umaima, is only 3 years old. They go to a government school and take tuition after-school. Aqeel and his wife love their daughters and want to live a happy life where they are able to fulfil their needs. Unfortunately, however, their life is full of stress as Aqeel is not able to earn much these days and it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to meet his family's needs. After all, he is the sole bread earner of the family. Aqeel used to drive an auto-rickshaw but had to sell it as it was becoming very old and was now in an unusable condition. A lot had to be spent on its maintenance and repair. Since he sold it, he has not been able to earn any income since many months and is sitting totally idle. without work, he is totally out of money to run his household and wants to purchase a new auto-rickshaw on an urgent basis. Kindly donate to Muhammad Aqeel to help him get back to work and start earning once again. That is the beauty of your donation - it is not simply charity but helps someone become self-sustainable.


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$ 21.60
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Jun 29,2021