A loan of PKR 100,000 helped to expand a garments business.
Muhammad Naeem Sarwar and his wife Shazia are hard workers. They are doing whatever they can in their capacity to progress in life and provide a better life to their three children. Their eldest daughter is in class 10th, the younger daughter in class 4th whereas their youngest child, Zain, is 5 years of age. Muhammad Naeem has been dealing with garments for 13 years and has been doing adda work for the past 14 years. His wife stitches clothes and helps her husband in his work. Naeem also runs a very small grocery store. He now wants to expand his garments business and wants to keep his garments stock at his grocery store as well. Naeem took a loan from Seed Out in the past and maintained excellent relations with the organization. We are highly eager to help such honest and hardworking individuals who are striving to make the best in their life. To support his business, we urge you to donate to Muhammad Naeem Sarwar and help him flourish and bring happiness in his life! 
PKR 290,893

Average annual income

PKR 34,890,370

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Loan Length 0Months
Repayment schedule:
Installment per month:
PKR 4000.00
Disbursed date:
Jan 23,2021