A loan of $360 helped expand an LPG business.

28-year-old Shabir Hussain from Bahawalnagar was born into a very poor household. He studied till primary school and started working at a very young age. He married a few years ago and has a son who is 1 year old. Shabir is very poor and unable to meet the expenses of his wife and child. He worked as a laborer 5 years and started saving whatever he could from his salary. 6 years ago, he used his savings to start a small business of selling LPG cylinders. Till now, Shabir does this business from his home but he wants to open a small shop now and expand his business. Right now, he just has stock worth Rs 60,000. More investment in his business will be very beneficial to Shabir's business and allow whim to earn well in the upcoming winter season. Shabir is working very hard to leave poverty behind and we wish to support him in his life journey. If you want someone to finally see light after a life of poverty, please donate to Shabir Hussain.


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$ 18.00
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Jan 22,2021