A loan of $288 helped expand a yarn knitting business.

Umari Shahzadi and her husband both work as a team. They are both skilled in yarn knitting and through this trade, they are able to manage their household and bring up their 5 children. Seed Out attests to the hardworking nature of Umari Shahzadi. She took a loan from Seed Out in the past and was greatly able to improve her business. Now, Umari and her husband are living a better life as compared with before and both say they feel they have been blessed as they have been able to overcome very harsh financial conditions. Based on her good experience, Umari has decided to apply for a loan again from Seed Out. She needs $288 for further business expansion. Seed Out is highly eager to support individuals who are determined to change their lives for the better and take the maximum advantage from an opportunity. Seed Out wants to help Umari once again and for this, we need your support. Please help fund the business of this hardworking couple who is determined to attain economic success and provide a comfortable life to their 5 children. 


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Loan Length Months
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$ 12.60
Disbursed date:
May 22,2020