A loan of $360 helped expand a toy business.

Muhammad Faisal from Lahore is struggling to provide well for his family. For the past 20 years, Faisal used to repair toys for a living. However, his income was never enough and managing household expenses was a huge problem. Finally, Faisal opened his own business of toy retail with a very little investment. His financial condition has improved but only marginally. It is still hard to pay for his house rent, children's school fee, medical bills of his mother, and a paralyzed father.  It is imperative that Faisal expands his business to earn a decent income. Therefore, he needs a loan of $360 from Seed Out so he can add more inventory and increase his customer base. Muhammad Faisal is a deserving individual who is responsibly using his income for his family's needs. Please donate to him and become the reason for his family's happiness. 


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$ 14.40
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Oct 27,2020