A loan of PKR 60,000 helped expand a clothing business for a divorced woman.
30-year-old Nadia Azhar from Bahawalnagar is raising her two young children all alone. After she got divorced, her husband did not financially support her and Nadia found shelter at her uncle's place, who tries to help her out. Nadia has had to face very tough situations in life but her strong will power and her desire to provide a comfortable life to her children have kept her going. Nadia, for 10 years, has been stitching clothes to earn some income but after she got divorced, that income was no longer sufficient. She then also started selling unstitched clothes in bulk and selling them at a margin. She did not have enough investment, hence her profits have been very modest. Nadia faces a lot of difficulty in meeting the needs of her children. She will not compromise on her children's education at any cost. She is their only source of support in this world and to keep earning for them, she needs your help. Nadia has requested a loan of PKR 60,000 from Seed Out, from which she will buy a larger stock of clothes and her sale will improve. For Nadia, every penny holds immense value. Your donations can bail her out of this difficult life and enable her to be financially independent. Please support Nadia by funding her business! 
PKR 290,893

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PKR 37,790,000

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Loan Length 0Months
Repayment schedule:
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PKR 2500.00
Disbursed date:
Feb 21,2020