A loan of $216 helped expand a food cart business.

Ishfaq Ahmad is a poor man and facing many hardships in life due to abject poverty. He has three very young children to look after. For the past many years, Ishfaq has worked as a painter but used to earn so low that he never used to have sufficient money to run the household. Tired and weary of his life, he decided to do something else and started selling food on a food cart. However, due to his low savings, he could only manage to get the cart and a few other essential items. He still cannot fully run this food cart because of a lack of resources. To properly start his food business, he needs an interest-free loan from Seed Out. He hopes to start the schooling of his eldest daughter soon as he earns a little more income. These children's lives depend on the income their father earns. Please donate to Ishfaq Ahmad and enable him to establish his livelihood. 


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$ 9.00
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Jan 14,2021