A loan of $252 helps to expand a general store for a blind man.

13 years ago, 34-year-old Muhammad Rasheed from Bahawalnagar lost his vision. His world turned black as he became completely blind from both his eyes. Rasheed was devastated as he contemplated the hardships of his future life, and what really worried him was that he was the only source of support for his family. Rasheed lives with his old mother and a sister who is intellectually disabled.

Rasheed says what gave him hope and kept him going was his strong faith in God. During this period, Rasheed worked as an Imam in a local mosque, earning the bare minimum from which he sustained his family. 6 years ago, Rasheed married Jameela Bibi and she has been a blessing for the family. Jameela is the epitome of strength and courage. The family opened up a small general store which is running only because of Jameel’s conviction in hard work and accepting challenges. With Rasheed on the backseat, Jameela drives to the market on a motorbike to get the inventory for their store. Riding a motorbike in a conservative society makes Jameela feel empowered and increases her enthusiasm for achieving bigger. All day long, she manages the stores and deals with the customers with Rasheed beside her.

The couple has now decided to expand their general store as the lack of sufficient inventory keeps their sales low. They have approached Seed out for a loan of $252 from which they will increase the store’s inventory. They are confident this will increase their income as they cater to more customers. Knowing the family’s situation, friends and neighbors are always eager to help them. “Once we expand our store, they will still be helping us, but now by buying from us, not donating as in the past”, Rasheed says with a smile.

Seed Out is eager to support the family and Jameela’s lofty ambitions. After all, she a model of inspiration for women, and empowering such women gives us bliss. Donate to Muhammad Rasheed to bring happiness in the life of a blind man and his family.

It helps change the life of a blind man and his brave wife who supports the entire household.
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