A loan of $180 helped expand a garments business.
39-year-old Nadeem Ijaz from Bahawalnagar has 20 years of experience as a tailor. Not only is he a skilled tailor, but is also very good at selling unstitched fabric. He has 6 children and all of them go to school. He lives in a rented home with his family. Given that he has a large family and lives in a rented home, his income does not prove to be sufficient and he finds it very difficult to manage his household’s expenses. After all, he is the sole bread earner. To make ends meet, he drives a motor-cycle rickshaw part time but that can only generate Rs. 1000 per month. Nadeem has approached Seed Out with a very good business plan for which he has requested a loan of $180. Being an excellent salesman, he will use the loan to buy more fabric and keep it as his shop. He will sell the fabric and also stitch it for his customers. He is confident that this will easily allow him to double his profit. He is skilled, has come up with a good plan and we must support him. Please donate to Nadeem Ijaz so he can earn more to provide well for his wife and children and continue sending them to school.
it helps a man realize his excellent business plan and provide well for his wife and 6 children.
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$ 7.20
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Dec 16,2019