A loan of $252 helped expand a grocery business.
23-year-old Kashif Zaheer has a tragic story. He belonged to a well-settled family and was doing well in life until he decided to marry of his own choice. His decision was opposed and now his family has left him all alone. In good days he was managing his father’s business, but now he is selling/delivering grocery items at various grocery shops to earn some money. His wife has stood by him during this challenging time. She is well educated with a master’s degree and she teaches and gives tuition at home to survive financially. However, she is only able to earn Rs.12000 which is not at all adequate for a decent living. To break free from this tough time, Kashif wants to expand the wholesale business that he is currently doing on a very small scale so that he can ease the burden on his wife. He has requested a loan of $252 from Seed Out which he will use to buy more inventory. He wishes to be successful like his father and be accepted by his family again, whom he misses very much. But now, we must help Kashif Zaheer during this tragic time.
It helps a man to financially survive during a tragic time.
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$ 10.80
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Dec 16,2019