A loan of $144 helped expand a clothing business.
37-year-old Parveen Akhtar takes care of her 5 children alone. She has 4 daughters and a son but unfortunately, he is disabled. Parveen is married but her husband, Tariq, is away. He works as a security guard at a private institute in Karachi so he can support his family back home in Bahawalnagar. Tariq misses his wife and children but their financial condition cannot allow them to live together as a family, which is very sad and unfortunate. Parveen supports her husband and for the past 7 years, she has been selling stitched and unstitched clothes to earn some income. Parveen wants to provide very well for her 5 children and thus she has requested Seed Out for a loan of $144 so she can expand her business. She will buy a greater stock of clothes and is hopeful that her income will double after the expansion. Right now, she is able to earn only Rs 8,000 which is quite a small amount. An increased income will be a great blessing for the family. Let’s donate to Parveen Akhtar so she and her husband can create a bright future for their lovely children.
It helps a deserving woman take care of her 5 children and support their education.
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$ 7.20
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Dec 16,2019